Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why Hello Again.

Its been a while since I posted a blog so i thought i would play catch up.

1st. Prom

Prom was awesome im sure you all have seen the pictures since your all my mothers followers. Steph and i had an amazing time. we went to a place called the rossi for dinner which if you live in central ohio you must visit. the food was amazing and it wasnt that expensive.


This one is a big deal to me. ive been over weight my whole life. (at least what i remember of it) ive started working out more and i am pleased to tell you in the past month i have dropped 8 pounds. this isnt a whole hell of a lot but im still very happy with it. today however was the most amazing part to me yet. i ran a whopping 4.831 miles today in 30 min nonstop. i have never been able to run more then a min without being way out of breath but i finished my run today in good health. (no heart attack yet).


im currently job hunting. unfortunately the theater isnt paying the bills as well anymore. i will miss the theater dearly but i know i will still be there a whole hell of a lot since i am a huge movie nerd.

on a happier note friday is Stephanie and I's 6 month anniversary. =]] it feels like its bee way longer but six months is still a long time for me.

thank you all for still reading even though i abandoned you all for a month+. i promise i will do better.