Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Layout, New Name, New Life.

Oh the long awaited 1st dorm room post. What could i possibly say to live up to the expectations i know you all have. Who the hell am i kidding, i know you're all shocked to even see i've updated this at all. I love college. I love Cincinnati. And yes to answer your questions, i am going to class. i am doing my homework/ reading. and no im not getting into trouble at all. (My philosophy teacher taught me that trouble is in the eyes of any single person, and if you ask me, i've been an angel lol). Im getting used to dorm life and food, which even though its cafeteria food, i still find myself getting up for seconds. So i figured what better way to show all the awesome changes in my life then update my blog. No more black and grey background. My life is beautiful and therefore my blog needs some color! Even though my life is still wonderful, i wanted a new name for my blog. The College Life seemed to fit a little better. Im glad to see you all still reading this and supporting my mother being an empty nester, even if she has her new man lol. Until next time.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Guess This is What You Call "Venting"

Its been months since my last blog update because well to be honest ive been a little busy just trying to live. Thankfully i have a little less then 60 days until the big move to Cincinnati and i can t wait. I can honestly say that getting away from this town is the best thing for me. Ive grown tired of half the people here. Ive realized just how self-destructive people around here are. In the mean time i will be hanging out, going to work, and doing lots of homework.

Until November,

Sunday, March 21, 2010

True Love Never Dies....

... the newest piece of art from D. Willy.

the detail is amazing. he amazes me.

to answer Airmom's (and everyones else's) question. As you all know im a huge film dork. this applies to this tattoo in 2 ways. first, its from the movie Watchmen. second, i truly believe there is a love out there like we all see in film and that a happily ever after is truly out there. It is my firm belief that true love never dies, and that of all the human emotions, love is the only one that can follow you after death.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Pursuit of Happiness.

as all of my follower (and my mothers followers) know, i've been on a serious weight loss spree for the past year. I recently had to write a paper on overweight americans for english class and it seemed only fit that i talk about my own weight loss in it. to make a long story short i weighted myself just out of curiosity of just how much i had lost in these past 11 months. so here i am, at my heaviest. 258 pounds!

well, 11 months and a lot of hard work later, this is me this past weekend. weighing in at a amazing, beautiful, awesome 168 POUNDS!!!!!

to say this was easy would be ridiculous. we all know losing weight is seemingly impossible; however, let me tell you if you really want to drop the weight then YOU CAN DO IT. 11 months ago if you would have told me i would be 90 pounds lighter i would have laughed in your face. Looking back its been an amazing journey. Seeing photos of me dropping is weight is like watching yourself grow up. in 11 months, i've not only seen a change in my physical appearance, but also in my mental mindset.

Now if you would please excuse me, i need to get this beach body ready! i cant wait to be comfortable walking around with out a shirt on. Especially with all these beautiful pieces of artwork tattooed all over myself.

Until next time,