Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rants about the Butcher Shop. (aka the Dentist)

So today I went to the dentist and noticed a couple things that seemingly got on my nerves.

First, why is it that every time i go to the dentist, im always trying to friendly and yet the nurse will never speak to me until she has 8 different tools in my mouth. all the sudden my awesome jokes and one liners turn into a mix of, "uhhsdjhdskj" and "yehhes." i must say its kinda annoying. why dont you ask me important questions when my mouth isnt being turned into the sequel for "Hostel." Thanks.

Second, if your gonna have your hand all up in my mouth and face for the next hour, how about getting gloves that dont smell like condoms. no offense but as a man, i dont want to be smelling condoms while there is something in my mouth. its just wrong and when i leave im forced to feel violated. how about getting some mint or new car smell gloves. i could live with that.

thanks for taking the time to read. im gonna go try to band aid my gums now.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Work, School, and Other Updates You've Been Waiting For.

Hey blogger friends! Long time no talk.

So first and foremost, Work. I didnt get the management job i applied for. Which at the time, i was rather pissed about but now im pretty glad. I realized this is gods way of telling me that i dont need to be staying that the theater, its time for me to move on with my life and start growing up. Things have gotten pretty bad at the theater. a couple of managers have it in for me and are making sure they make my life a living hell, but they dont know me very well or else they would know to just give up. im better then them and i wont take their shit. SO... i started school at Columbus State. Its really easy and just not what college should be. As many of you know i visited my friends in Cincinnati and ive decided to transfer down there. Im taking my ACT in a couple weeks and will hopefully be a student at the University of Cincinnati starting in the winter. I will be going back down there this weekend and talking to them about loans and such so i can get some money to go there. if any of you wanna donate to the Jordans Future Fund just let me know. lol. In other news im down to a slim 182 pounds. which makes the new total of 76 pounds down now. Its an amazing feeling to be walking around in my 32x30 pants and medium shirts. lol

Thank you so much for still reading this. I know i suck at updates. lol.