Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekend Update.

Hey guys its your favorite every now and then blogger. I wanted to post on here to let everyone know of 2 recent developments in the wonderful world of Jordan Nicholas.

First, i met my first weight goal almost a month ago. for the first time in many years i am under 200 pounds and loving it. Ive spent the past 3 weeks seeing if i could maintain it which after my weigh in today i can tell you that I CAN! So tomorrow i will be starting my diet again to hit my final goal weight, wish me luck.

Second, and this one is big. Im quiting smoking. Yes i know how horrible it is for you and all the reasons i need to quit, but i also know how hard this will be. Everyone in my life smokes for the most part so this will not be easy. I mean you dont get the addiction until you have it. and this is one i want rid of. So as i sit here typing this with my Nicotine gum at my side, i hope for the best.

Thanks for reading still. Sorry i suck at life and never post. Fred misses you all dearly!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chicago Fred Sneak Peak.

Fred has been might busy in Chicago. I figured i would be nice and show a little sneak of his shananagans.

Fred spends most of his days creeping on people.

This is Pam. a POM bottle. (Fred likes his women curvy.) We met her at a Walgreens and thought she and Fred would hit it off. We were right.

Fred is catching some Z's but he will be back on the town shortly.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

in Chicago! again.

Ead and myself are in Chicago for a week. I will post pictures and things as the days go on. as for now we are just seeing the city and enjoying life.