Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chicago Day II

It is all of 3 degrees here right now. Lol. Its suppose to get up to 15 though which I'm kinda excited about. Today I think Steph and I are going to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art and Navy Pier. The Lake is officially frozen over. Lol. Stephanie keeps trying to get me to dip my toe in to see how cold it is. I will post here again tonight and let you all know what has been going on!


So... here is our list of daily activities. 

-Went to the Museum of Contemporary Art
-Went to Navy Pier
-Got amazing cupcakes from the store MORE.
-Met a real nice cabbie 



  1. Take pix of the lake if you get a chance. please, please please?

  2. LOL need to see it frozen, eh?

    Hi Bug and Lady Bug...glad you are having fun. Yeah, snap a photo of the view from the condo tomorrow in the day light and show us!!!

    Love you!