Wednesday, March 4, 2009

YAY! My girlfriend is back home!

So when Stephanie came home today she had a surprise waiting in her driveway. i decided to ask her to prom via side walk chalk. she loved it and said yes of course. then wrote me a nice little message back. Im so excited.

PS. My mother got a speeding ticket. it was hilarious.


  1. Awww, such cute messages. I <3 you both.

    Your mother's speeding ticket was NOT hilarious. Especially since she got one helping YOU. :)

  2. How sweet? We love Stephanie as much as we love you!!!!

  3. Love the invitation idea. You are definitely a keeper.

  4. Ah how sweet are you!!! So cute!!!

    AND contrary to what your mother says....her getting a speeding ticket WAS hilarious!!!!

    this is danica by the way!

  5. Did you see how she tried to blame you that she got a ticket??? Helping YOU! I think the fact that you were behind her watching the whole thing IS hilarious!! signed, The General's Asst. at Camp Steward

  6. jordan...very sweet. (I am so behind in reading blogs, sorry!)

  7. Shut up! She didn't get a ticket!

    If she did, You, Jordan, should pay it!

    Sweet what you did for your girliegirl.