Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Late Night Thoughts

So I decided to take a break from Fred to blog about me. After all this is The Wonderful Life of Jordan. Thoughts have been racing through my head latly. My 3 best friends are leaving in then next couple of months and it's making me reflect on our time together. I won't use names but I don't think they deserve to know my thoughts. If any of you are reading this than I hope you realize how much I care for you all. And how much you truly mean to me. First. My bestfriend.

The only other guy who ever really got who I am. I honestly have no idea what I will do without you. Your the one person whom I can talk to about everything. We have had a good couple of years and I hate to see it come to an end. I never understood why things always seemed to happen to you as they were happening to me. Whenever I was having girl trouble you were. Whenever I was pissed at my parents you were. But we always got though all of it. Thank you for being there to help me when I needed you. And I hope that everything works out with you.

Nigel, you and I have always been friends. Even though you have always been the love intrest of all my friends I feel like that was just how we could be friends. We havnt always gotten along and even to this day we are still at eachothers necks. But know that you've always been a sister to me. You help me understand the crazy shit girls do. And I help you realize what guys really are. I want you to know that you do deserve a good guy cause you really are something special. Just don't look to hard for him. Cause I'm pretty sure he will be right there by your side once you go to cinci. Take care of my buddy. Cause god knows he will need your help. Thank you for a crazy 4 years. Thank you for being there when I needed you. Even if you didn't want to be there. And finally.
Third, the one that got away.

Ive been thinking a lot about you. More so then either of the other two. I'm so proud of you for everything you have become. Your not the girl I met back in art class 7th grade. Youre all grown up and engaged. I'm writing about you because I can't stop thinking about how much different things are now then how I thought they would be. It seems like yesterday we would come home from school and talk on the phone for hours and hours about nothing at all. I can't even tell you how much I miss that. You were the greatest thing that ever happened to me. But now all I think about is what could have happen if I would have stayed. If I never moved away would things been any differant. But tonight I came to my conclusion. No. Had I not left you and I would not be the people we are today. If I hadn't left I wouldn't have met the people I have and therefore I would still be that kid who thought the world had done him so wrong. There are still times when I wish things had turned out differently but unfortunatly your one of the great ones. And i'm just not good enough for that. We live, we learn, and then we die. I'm just so thankful that I lived with these three. If it wasn't for them nothing would be the same. I wouldn't be the same. So next time you say how great of a person I am. Here is three more you can thank.



  1. I got teary eyed!!! Beautiful post Jordan.

  2. Well, hell. There's goes a good mascara day.

    Your friendships aren't coming to an end, honey. Just the day to day hanging out is. Fortunately Ead and Rachel will be a short hour and a half drive away. When you have a day off, you can go hang out. Even Meghan won't be that far away. And summer will come and they'll all be home and you'll have a great time again.

    This part...."If I hadn't left I'd still be the kid who thought the world had done him so wrong"....breaks my heart. It's my fault for putting you in a situation where you had to feel that way. I am so sorry, honey. I had no idea when I got married that it would turn out so bad for both of us.

    Hang in there, babe. It will all be okay. I love you so much. And I am more proud of you than any parent could ever be.

  3. You are wiser than your years,it's funny that I was just wondering earlier why so many people seem to come and go from our lives? Your right about one thing,everyone that passes through our lives makes us who we are. These will always be your friends and have a place in your heart and you in theirs. Just remember....the best is yet to be.