Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cause I Love to Copy My Mother.

For all you readers of my mothers blog you know she did a weight update with pictures, which i am rather proud of her for doing. so i figured i would do that same. just to show you the progress we are both making.

This is me at my heaviest. This was from last summer when i was weighing in at a handsome 258 Pounds. Holy shit. lol

Its a horrible picture but you can truly see just how big i was.

Well almost exactly a year later this is me.

Almost 60 Pounds lighter and weighing in at an amazing 198 pounds!

I hadnt really seen the change that other people saw in me until i started looking through old facebook photos of me. The change is amazing. Not only did i lose a lot of weight. But i gained a better taste in clothes. lol

Im hoping to shave off another 25 pounds to be exactly where i want to be. FIngers crossed.



  1. Great job!!!!! but don't get too skinny.

  2. Honey, I am so proud of you. I truly am. As you said the other day, I'm your mother so I love you at any size and I will always think you look amazing no matter what, but you are such a different person now, and I could not love you more. Not just different weight wise, but you are so much more self confident, and self assured. You have always had an amazing personality (finally, something you get from me!) (OK, and your Dad. We're both funny, so you didn't have a choice but to be!) but now you are the best "you" that you can be. A proud and confident young man, and I love watching you become a happy and healthy adult. Congrats on your weight loss (and thank you for being so supportive of mine, you are my best cheerleader!) and you know that I support you 100% in everything you do. You jump, I jump. I am glad we are on this "get healthy and lose weight" journey together. You are my heart and I love you with everything I have. Here's to both of us getting to our healthy weights! Cheers!!!!

  3. Uh, sweetie? 258 - 198 IS 60 lbs. Just FYI.

    You've lost 60. I've lost 30. I'm 30 years older 30 + 30 is 60. It's all relevant. LOL

  4. Jordan, this is a friend of your mother's......a GOOD no attention to what SHE says. I'm coincidentally doing a post tomorrow on weight loss and I'm on my way to insist that your mom shows up at my place tomorrow. (She usually does, whether I want her to or not, but tomorrow is a NECESSITY) come join us at my blog on Monday. PLEASE???? AND LEAVE A COMMENT!!

  5. Jordan, you have done an amazing job....probably more amazing than a lot of people realize. I can see why your pretty mama is so being thinner of course makes her happy...but you being so much more healthy is what makes her the proudest!! I KNOW...I'M A MOM !! :)

  6. Great job, Jordan! You and your mom should write a diet book. Oprah would love you guys!

    Keep up the good work. You're both an inspiration!

  7. Hi! I'm new to your mom's place, too, and I've been married long enough to do what a woman tells me to do, so here I am.

    Great job, by the way. How did you do it? You look like you have been working out...that part of it. Anyway, keep up the good work - and watch out for Dana. She can steal you heart in a New York Minute.

  8. Stopped over from your mom's blog. Awesome job man. You look great. The transformation is really cool. What have you been doing to lose the weight? That is a lot of dedication. Props to you!

  9. I wish I have such determination!
    Mine normally fails with KitKat ...
    Good work! Keep it up!

  10. That is completely amazing! (over from ur moms blog, btw) I just can't believe it by those pics you look like two different people. Not only the weight loss (which is incredible) but by the hair and also,yes, the clothing.

    Very cool. You should be extremely proud of yourself. Your mom should be too (of her self for her loss)

  11. jordan....good job! Your new look is awesome, love the bald head and glasses...such a good looking dude!
    Keep up the good work!
    Happy Labor Day!

  12. Thank God you're 18 now. Now my crush won't land me in jail anymore. ;)

    Way to go Jordan, you're doing an amazing job. This is a great time of your life to be doing what makes you happy and healthy. You'll be so glad you did!

  13. Jordan, I'm truly inspired by both your mom's success as well as yours. You both look amazing!

    I love hearing and seeing success stories and you both are it!!!

    What was the hardest for you to achieve? Did you find that cravings would still strike?

    What was the easiest?

    (If you mom hasn't warned you...I'm an interviewer at heart!)

  14. Sent by your mom, too.... and I simply love your go-getting, positive attitude. Right on!!

  15. So proud of you Jordan! You look amazing!