Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time To Answer Questions.

There have been a lot of questions from all you readers about my weight loss so i figured i would take a post to answer all of you. Being that im guessing most everyone has tried to diet you know how hard it is. The fact is DIETS DONT WORK. If you want to lose weight you must first realize that the reason youve gained weight is from a bad lifestyle. There for you dont need to diet, you need to change your lifestyle. The reason my "diet" works is because i changed my lifestyle. I used to eat just for the fun of eating. i would take in an average of 3000 to 4000 calories a day. if i was bored, i ate. if i was sad, i ate. I have no replaced eating with other things. If im bored, i play my guitar, or go see a movie. I even exercise now instead of sitting around on my ass. lol. and Believe me, if you think diets are hard, lifestyle changes are even harder. The fact is anytime you lose weight in a weeks time period, you want to reward yourself, the problem with rewards is however, one reward turns into two, and two to four and so on. until you now trying to work off your reward. The hardest part about my weight loss, is not giving up. There has been so many times where i just want to stop, Chipotle always sounds good. lol But i know how happy i am with my body, and how unhappy i was when i was that 258 pound animal that i dont even know anymore. I cant even explain to you how great of a feeling it is to get onto that scale every week and see a -2 or a -4 pounds. its single handedly the greatest feeling ever. Now i look forward to seeing that scale when a year ago you couldnt have paid me to get on it. I cant tell you the feeling of watching your pants size go down. or watching your shirt sizes going down. i started off wearing XL shirts and size 40 pants. im now a M shirt and a 34 pant and shrinking.

so, in order to try and help all of you i decided to let you in on my secret. If you have an iPhone of iPod Touch, get it out cause you will want to get this app. its called lose it. it tracks your calorie intake and also keeps a chart of your weight loss. its a free app, but remember, using the app is only half the battle. you still need to follow your calorie allowance, and remember to work out. even if its only for 30 minutes a day. just do it. you will thank me later.



  1. I think we have both found that diets don't work, but lifestyle changes do. I'm so proud of you for making that change. I knew you'd get there eventually....and I especially knew that once you started seeing results, you'd want to continue. Motivation comes after action, not before. You can want to lose weight and get healthy, but once you actually start doing it, and see the scale moving, and feel differently, THEN you get really motivated.

    And now that you know what you know about eating, you can't "not know it" ever again. If you gain weight back it's your own fault because you know better. I truly believe you will keep it off though. You have taught yourself a lot about diet and exercise this summer, and I know how happy you are about your weight loss (as you should be), so I believe it's gone forever.

    Funny thing about the picture of you that you put in your last post...I don't even remember you being that size. I mean, I do...but you didn't seem *that* heavy to me back then. Your face is so round in that picture! LOL And now it's skinny and stuff.

    Very proud of you, babe. And it cracks me up that my friend Sue commented that she's glad you are 18 now so her crush won't get her put in jail! ROFLMAO!

  2. Lifestyle is a habit and habits are hard to break. It takes determination and courage to do it. You have licked it, bud. Congrats.

  3. You are so right! Lifestyle changes are difficult but rewarding just as you have discovered. Congrats to you! You are doing an amazing job and you look fantastic. Definately not the same young man I met a year or two ago. Keep it up!

  4. jordan...you are a strong and mature young man. I worked as an accounting manager for a Weight Watchers franchise, and truly you can eat all the boxes of WW meals or Lean Cuisine...but unless you make the choice deep inside to live differently, you will not reach your weight goal. You are so fortunate to have such a supportive mom, keep working together.
    My, oh my...with your determination, Jordan...you will set this world on fire!
    Stay strong!

  5. I am so proud that you are doing all this, Jordan. Not only for your handsome looks but for your healthy self. You are bound to feel so much better..and I know your heart thanks you. You are very wise to do this at an early age...YOU ROCK, JORDAN!!

  6. Lifestyle is a habit and habits are hard to break. It takes determination and courage to do it. You have licked it, bud. Congrats.

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