Sunday, March 21, 2010

True Love Never Dies....

... the newest piece of art from D. Willy.

the detail is amazing. he amazes me.

to answer Airmom's (and everyones else's) question. As you all know im a huge film dork. this applies to this tattoo in 2 ways. first, its from the movie Watchmen. second, i truly believe there is a love out there like we all see in film and that a happily ever after is truly out there. It is my firm belief that true love never dies, and that of all the human emotions, love is the only one that can follow you after death.


  1. I'd love to hear why you chose this amazing piece of art......

  2. You guys have no idea how amazing this looks in real life. I wish I could get a really high def picture of it. It's fantastic. And not done yet, he still has another piece to add to the "background" of it!

  3. Love the tat and love you idea about true love never dies!!~I so believe this!!!