Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Facts About Jordan Nicholas

My mother decided to have a 25 facts about herself so i figured i would follow suit.

1. Im a vegetarian.
2. Im 18 but if you have seen me i look way older.
3. I cant remember dates. Including birthdays.
4. At 18 i have already met the girl i wouldnt mind spending my life with. (im such a sap)
5. I am an Apple whore. I have to have everything they make.
6. I drive a 1990 Poo Wagon. Its missing is right side mirror and door handle.
7. I didnt meet my Dad till i was 4 or 5.
8. I only remember details of memories. I cant remember general things.
9. I love film.
10. Im over weight and happy about it.
11. Even though i am a teenage i refuse to party and drink.
12. I refuse to be another teenage stat n drinking or drugs..
13. My iPhone never leaves my side. Even when i potty.
14. In my 18 years of life i have only flown 4 times.
15. I go through best friends like candy.
16. Ive worked at the same theater for 1 and a 1/2 years.
17. Ive know my girl friend for 3 and a half years. It took 3 and a forth to get her to date me.
18. I wear contacts but i rarely take them out.
19. Im named after the guy from New Kids On The Block.
20. I love Hitchcock movies.
21. I play bass. I havnt touched it in a long time though.
22. I have made 2 Films. Neither of them are very good.
23. If you yell at me for too long. I imagine movie villains faces over yours. (i dont know why but i do)
24. I go bowling on fridays. I still suck.
25. I have had three surgeries. I only like talking about 2 of them.

Try this out for yourself. It makes you think about your life. Odd.



  1. Dammit, I leave comments and they don't post. I hate that word verification thing.

    I knew all of these things except the movie villian part. Scares me to think who you see on my face! Oh, and you started seeing your Dad when you were six...

  2. Wait, are you and Ead mad at each other? You don't go through best friends quickly at all, you and Tyler were close for a long time, and you and Ead have been that way. And of course, there's Steph. I think you are a great best friend....

  3. Oh, and for the record, you were only named after Jordan Knight from NKOTB because I liked the name Jordan...had zero to do with him in particular. I was never a NKOTB fan.

  4. The New Kids on the Block kicked major ass. I'm just saying. LOL

  5. You have a great outlook on life...the no drugs and alcohol! It's going to get you very far!

    I'm amazed at your resilience. You are mature for your age.

    I'm here from your mom's blog!!

  6. If your mom would stop hogging all the comment sapce, I would like to say how proud I amof you and your mature decision-making skills. If your mom ever makes you mad, you can come live with me. heh

  7. Oh nice, Jilldo. I can't come and live with you but he can. I see how we roll. He wouldn't like Texas, he's a Democrat. I'm just sayin.

  8. I love you mother, So I am sure I will love you too! Your twenty five things were very cool. I am trying to my list right now, it's not easy!

  9. Kudos to you on number 4. From female perspective though, you might not want to word it exactly like: you "wouldn't mind" spending your life with her.

    Very cool on the not wanting to become a statistic. Any suggestions on how to talk to twelve year olds to help them grow up with that same value? What was it that made you behave that way?

  10. Kudos to you for trying this out. I liked the wouldn't mind spending the rest of my life comment....and the fact that you are a sap. My daughter met her now husband when she was in the 9th grade....and they knew then that they were it for each other....(which made it kind of nice that it was reciprocal). They will have been married for 7 years in May. It can happen. I will be back to read on later. Peace Out - K

  11. Jordan, you are one together kid! Damn... I feel so inadequate. I've been dinged on those 25 things, but haven't done it yet. Of all the people so far, you're the inspiration.

  12. LOVE NKOTB!!!!

    okay starts screaming at you....what villian am i? LOL

  13. You are more responsible then most adults I know!

  14. Hi Jordan. I am visiting from your Moms site. Welcome to blogging! I have a daughter whose name is Jordan and I got her name from the Great Gatsby. She is a few years older than you though. I enjoyed reading your 25 things and I congratulate you for having your head switched on the right way - you wont be sorry in the long run. I love Apple too and had one of the first Macs which I still have in the garage somewhere - its a dinosaur and tiny.

    I shall come back and read your blog! How do you feel having your mother's blogging mates stalking you? LOL