Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Random Shananagans.

Today my mother and I got interviewed and photographed by the COLUMBUS DISPATCH! Yay I'm famous.

Here is another random thing...

It's harder than you think! Here is what you are supposed to do... and please don't spoil the fun... copy and paste into your own note...type in your answers and tag a bunch of people including me.

Where is your cell phone? Bed

Your father? Westerville

Your mother? Gahanna

Your favorite thing? impossible

Your dream last night? None

Your favorite drink? orange juice

Your dream goal? directing

The room you are in? bedroom

Your fear? loss

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Married

Muffins? sure

Favorite band? MCR

Favorite hobby? movies

Favorite show? FRINGE

One of wish list items? MacBook

Where did you grow up? Gahanna

The last thing you did? This

What you are wearing? uniform

Your t.v.? RCA

Your pets? Dogs

Your computer? MacBook

Your life? Amazing

Your mood? tired

Missing someone? Steph

Your car? Poop

Favorite store? 

Your favorite color? Black

When is the last time you laughed? Today

Last time you cried? hmm

Three people who email you? Mum, iTunes, and MySpace

Three of my favorite foods? mashed potatoes, soft pretzels, pizza


  1. We're on the front page, dude. LOL

  2. YourmomwasverycreativewithheranswersIthinkshefoundaloophole!

    Congrats on your new found fame...can I have your autograph...just so when you get really famous i can sell it on ebay ;-)

  3. I could not I did it too....I am a sucker for trivia...or any sort. I thrive on it.

  4. Love your new picture there, bubs.